LickiMat Mini Soother Orange Dog 15cm


Entertain, distract AND reduce anxiety and boredom with the LickiMat® Mini Soother™. LickiMats are vet-developed in Australia and are recommended by trainers and vets as healthy slow feeders that promote fresh breath, improved oral health and digestion.

The Soother features fine rubber nubs for maximum tongue stimulation, repetitive licking and endorphin production.

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LickiMat® Mini Soother™ reduces anxiety, boredom, and destructive behaviour in your dog.

Best for:

  • Use as Soother with runny treats: All sizes and breeds
  • Use as Slow Feeder: Small-medium sized dogs
  • Use with LickiMat® Keeper for puppies and chewers
  • Use with bone broth and liquid food